Virtual Scroll misses last item - 2.0.0 RC4



I am using a virtualScroll together with ion-refresher component.
It’s work fine the first time, when I load list data, but when I do refresh (image scrollView_4.jpg) then the last item is missed (scrollView_5.jpg)

Please, can someone help me?

<ion-content no-padding>
	<ion-refresher (ionRefresh)="doRefresh($event)" pullMax="300">
		<ion-refresher-content pullingIcon="ios-arrow-dropdown" pullingText="" refreshingSpinner="bubbles" refreshingText="">
	<bp-club [clubs]="clubs"></bp-club>

//bp-club Component
<ion-list [virtualScroll]="_clubs" approxItemHeight="200px" approxHeaderHeight="0px" approxFooterHeight="0px" no-lines>
    <div *virtualItem="let club; let i = index;"  (click)="onClickClub(club)" >
        <div class="club-container">
            <ion-img [src]="club.image"></ion-img>
            <div class="club-data" padding>
                <div class="card-title">{{i}}</div>


hi , how did you create the custom component ?? <bp-club></bp-club> ?


Hi @yasirpanjsheri

It’s already in the topic description with the comment

//bp-club Component

I attached an image, this image show in black rectangle what bp-club component has 5 object, but in red rectangle show 4 div’s.

The last item disappear after refresh.

PD: @mhartington It’s virtual scroll working in RC4?