View not updates after receiving new data

I am trying to build a comments system where client sends message to the server and both clients update themself using the library.


        <div class="list">

	    <a class="item item-avatar" href="#/app/playlists/{{}}" ng-repeat="item in comments">
	      <img class="round" ng-src="{{item.userImage}}">
	      <div class="user_checkbox">
	      <p>{{ item.comment }}</p>
	    <a class="item item-avatar" href="#/app/playlists/{{}}">
	      <img class="round" ng-src="{{newComment.userImage}}">
	      <div class="user_checkbox">
	      <p>{{ newComment.comment }}</p>

In my controller I have a get request using

io.socket.get('http://***.62.83.248:1337/posts/' + shareDataService.getData(), function (data, jwres){
    $scope.comments = data.comments;

which works fine.I also have a socket update event.

io.socket.on('posts', function(newComment){

  $scope.newComment =[];

when I console log the new data it returns me exactly what I wanted but the scope only updates the client who has send the comment to the server(only client a updates and client b stays the same so I have ruled out any syntex error. anyone has anyidea how i fix this?