View is not updating

Hi, I am using ion-list to show the data on my page. Data is dynamically loading using http request variable is updated but is not showing that updated value on with using detectChanges() method. What is the reason behind this?

import { Component , ChangeDetectorRef } from '@angular/core';
private list: [] = [];
export class HomePage {
constructor(private ref: ChangeDetectorRef){

//http request
this.list = new Data;


Could you provide the full code (maybe on plunker?) so we can replicate and investigate the issue?
Your code seems fine so far, could it be possible that you made a typo while writing list in your html maybe?
You should not need to call detectChanges in the first place…

Can’t find document for this?
You sure this is part of ionic.
If it is please provide some document link for that. I want to know more.

It is a part of angular.

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You seem to have two contradictory notions of what list (oh how I hate meaningless property names like list and data) is supposed to be. First, it’s an array. Then it’s a Data.

Thanks man. I’ll take solutions any way I can get em I guess