View Caching not working

I’m developing an app using Ionic, but caching isn’t working as expected. Every time I switch from root.home.notifs to root.home.chats the chats view is refreshed (its controller is reinitialized).

I’ve 2 tabs:

    <ion-tabs class="tab-bottom tabs-striped">
      <ion-tab icon="ion-ios-chatboxes-outline" ui-sref="root.home.chats">
      <ion-tab icon="ion-ios-heart-outline" ui-sref="root.home.notifs">

And these states (my controllers are empty):

.state('root.home', {
  abstract: true,
  cache : true,
  url: '/home',
  templateUrl: 'components/home/templates/home.html'
.state('root.home.chats', {
  url: '/chats',
  cache : true,
  controller: 'ChatCtrl',
  templateUrl: 'components/home/templates/home.chats.html'
.state('root.home.notifs', {
  url: '/notifs',
  cache : true,
  controller: 'NotifCtrl',
  templateUrl: 'components/home/templates/home.notifs.html'

Every view has cache-view="true" and I’ve configured the cache this way $ionicConfigProvider.views.maxCache(100)

NOTE: I’ve noticed that this error depends on which state I navigate to first. There’s an auth system that calls $state.$go('root.home.notifs'). Changing this changes which view is cached correctly

Any tip on how to solve this?

See this on StackOverflow