Videos stop loading after navigating back and forth - memory leak?

My Ionic application are simple pages with LOTS of videos on it. Navigating back and forth crashes the app eventually, before it crashes the app, it will stop loading the videos first.

Can you check on my code and let me know how to destroy everything that is not in the current page from memory?

I am new to Ionic, and not sure how to destroy/clean everything from the memory except the current page that is being viewed. I have already put cache false on all the states in app.js, but that does not fix the issue.

Is it related to this bug:

Please check my source at and see if the issue pertains to that issue and how can I stop the issue?

If you load it on Google Dev Tools with ionic serve, then navigate back and forth, you will see the video will stop
loading eventually. On an actual iPhone after installing the IPA to it, the apps crashes after a while and closes out.

Thank you very much for your help!