Video Orientation full screen in IONIC 3

Hi Everyone,

              How to play the video in full screen when tapped on thumbnail in **ionic** 3 and **angular** 4

any help??? \

Thanks in advance


try below Cordova native plugin Streaming-Media

when you tap in any thumbnail try below code :

let options: StreamingVideoOptions = {
  successCallback: () => { console.log('Video played') },
  errorCallback: (e) => { console.log('Error streaming') },
  orientation: 'landscape'

this.streamingMedia.playVideo('https://path/to/video/stream', options);



Many thanks @addwebsolution

if your issue was resolve please mak as a solution

How i can play the video in my screen . Currently this video play in full screen. i want it as part of my screen. Like a floating video

I used this with controls: true option but could not get control option in video, I want to display controls like play stop volume How can I achieve this.