Video File Upload to Server

There are a lot of tutorials and blogs on uploading images using ionic/Cordova. But there is nothing on uploading video files. Browsing a video from anywhere in the device, capturing a video and uploading it to the server.
I am wondering whether it is possible or not.

Google for “cordova upload video” and then make your way to Ionic by googling for the plugin names + “Ionic”. Actually googling for “upload video ionic” should be enough :wink:

Or did you already do that?

I am doing that for the last 14 days. Tried all code I found on the internet. It seems video uploading is not possible in ionic.

Files are files. The upload process does not care one iota whether the file is an image, a video, or a dissertation on the history of Gibraltar.

If you want assistance, you have to look at the conversation from the POV of somebody trying to help. What sort of information would they want? Generally, it’s what StackOverflow calls a “complete, minimal example”. Enough code that somebody could copy/paste into a scratch project and reproduce your environment, without being an overwhelming dump. Combine that with a specific description of what you expect to happen (not just “it to work”) and what you are encountering (not just “it doesn’t work”), and you’ll probably get better results.

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