Video chatting with recording facility Ionic

I need to implement a feature that is similar to Skype web call. In our product from web a call will be generated which appears like a skype call in the users mobile. Once he pics the call he must be able to have a live chat with the person on web. Also the person of web must be able to capture his video.

I’m not getting any clue how to implement this. If anyone is aware of some repositories where this is implemented already or having a proper idea please help me out.

hi @vasanthb
do you try using WebRtc?

tokbox platform that use webrtc for making several webrtc feature as (video calling - video conference - chatting …etc)
you can integrate it into your app easily.
check this links

Have you able to acchive it? i m stell stuck on it… will you plese help me out?

Hi, What your trying to achieve and where your stuck?

thanks for reply actually work will in same network but if both use using 2 different network remote video not show up?

can you please tell how you make tun server connection on different network??

Hi, You need to give more information. What technology you are using for mediating and by network what you mean ?