Vertical slide between two screens

Hi all !

So I have this design to fulfill :

As you understand, I need to swipe up or down (from the button itself or even the screen) to get from state 1 to state 2 and back. I thought about attaching a swipe-up and swipe-down events and then detecting if it has been dragged fast enough, activating the transition between states, but I’m sure there is a better way.

Thanks ahead for your help !

You could start to play with the anchor scroll.


That’s already way better than my first idea :smile:

… But using this is an issue also, when using forms with it. When clicking on an input, the scroll changes, and the screen won’t stay fixed with the button on top / on bottom, letting it in the middle of the screen - And we don’t want that. Do you see any way to toggle between states (with ui-router) while using this ? It may be better…

[EDIT] actually, it would be much easier, IF it’s possible to make transitions slide down-to-up and up-to-down, but I think (I did my researches) that only forward and back works ATM, right ?

[EDIT 2] Looks like it’s really not possible right now, too bad. Only forward and back transition are defined in ionic-angular for now.