Vertical scroll bar SOMETIMES modifies the appareance of the page

I am using the latest version of Ionic.
To understand my problem, you may want to check with Chrome, ideally on a mobile device.

You will see “percentage circles” coming from . This web site works well in all conditions I tested, and it’s pretty straight-forward thus robust css.
But when I integrated the circles in my ionic app, I found problems: they are sometimes modified, when the vertical scroll bar appears with some browsers.

I tested many configurations:

  • computer + Chrome as a mobile device: NOT ok (meaning the circles are modified when the vertical scroll bar appears; it can be tested by reducing the responsive window)
  • computer + Chrome as a computer : ok
  • mobile + Chrome : NOT ok
  • mobile application : NOT ok
  • computer / Phone + Firefox (as computer or mobile device): ok

So the vertical bar impacts the interpretation of CSS.

The other way round, when the appearance is not the expected one, you can clean it by raising the menu on the left. Here again, it impacts the interpretation of CSS.

What may be the issue?
Thanks a lot for any clue!

I finally found the issue.
My functions use the clip css style, which is deprecated and replaced by clip-path. So SOMETIMES, the browser does not understand it.
Nothing to do with Ionic, but still a weird bug…