Vertical center div inside ion-slides

I want to add 2 buttons ( next, previous ) inside a slides of images ( which is got from internet )
But i dont know how can i make verical center those button inside ion-sliders
Please help me, i’ve tried all the suggestion that i found in Google
Thanks in advance

Here is what i have to do

Carousel is kind of a webish experience, native equivalent experience is something like which allows full screen swiping.

If you really want to have this effect, first thing is to make a component for it, encapsulate the interactions in the component itself is a better approach.

There is more than one way to achieve what mid-alignment. A practical approach is to simply use something like

<section carousel>
  <ul images></ul>
  <div buttons>
    <button next></button>
    <button prev></button>


[carousel] {
  position: relative;
  [buttons] {
    position: absolute;
    top: 49%;
    clear: both;
    [prev] {
      float: left;  

    [next] {
      float: right;

You may choose to use classes instead of property selectors, I was just trying to keep consistent with ionic’s approach.

Carousel implementation in general has tons of literature, go and find a couple of jQuery plugins that do that well and learn from them.

It might be possible to wrap ionic’s slider component and build your customization based on that.

Thanks itlr
It works perfectly