Vertical animation to new view/state

I’m building a book app. I want two pages. A table of contents (left) and the chapter content itself (right) The “left most” page would be a list of chapters that when clicked would animate to the “right most” page which is the chapter itself. Seems perfect for the simple side menu example except for one thing: what happens when you scroll to the bottom of the chapter in the “right most” view? There should be a way to get to the next chapter. I think what makes the most sense is the next chapter is “below” in that a new view should slide “up” to refill the content on the “right most” view of the app.

The only animation I see documented is slide-left-right

<nav-view animation="slide-left-right"></nav-view>

which would keep sliding more and more chapters to the right if a link were placed at the bottom of the chapter to go to the next chapter. Is there a slide-up-down or similar animation?

I have been looking at
There is slide-in-up and a few variations.

Sorry not yet, but its on in our upcoming milestone to expand the animations:



Are the animations implemented now?

I am trying to get a new page to slide up, however can not find any suggestions on the net.