Variables.scss, global.scss, .scss files in general and display resolution

Hello! As I said in the title, I have some questions about the use of scss files in Ionic 2:

  1. I’m a bit confused with the new structure of Ionic 2, especially with the two files variables.scss and global.scss. I think that I more or less understood how works variables.scss but for what is global.scss? Can someone explain me?

  2. How to know which family fonts are already present in Ionic 2 and which one we’ll have to install by ourself? And how to apply this font for the whole application. For my app, I wrote this in the variables.scss file, is that enough?

$font-family: Letter Gothic Std;

  1. I used this command in variables.scss to have a white text in my input:


But this is applied to all my inputs. If I want to change indivudally each input, what is the code for that in scss?

  1. We have a graphic designer who works on a display resolution of 1080 x 1920. Do you know how I can configure Ionic 2 such that it display for me the same resolution when I simulate on browser?