Validations dont work on mobile device


I have built an app using Ionic. My main problem is that when i download d apk file and install it on my device, the front-end validations are not working and ui-router $state.go(“url”) is not working on certain devices e, Blackberry. I am not even sure that it installs the sqldb on d blackberry device.

For other android devices, d front-end validations during login or authentication doesnt work. Is there a configuration i need to do that will enable thses angular js validations to work on my device?

With Android devices that is 4.3 and below, my ng-show expressions work fine and show when need to and hide when need to but if the Android device is >4.3 i.e. 4.4.2 nd so son… All ng-show expressions do not fire or do not catch at all.

I dont know if anyone has encountered an issue like this before or if anyone has a good theory why this is happening.

Any help is appreciated, First project workin with ionic


maybe you should show us some code because… we do not know how your validation is working.

But keep in mind that things like maxlength html5 attribute is handled different.
On chromse web browser you will get an error or you can not type in any other characters
On other devices you can type and type and type and if you release the focus it will get cut.

so try to use angularjs input-attributes with “ng-” as prefix