V6/react Alert with input checkbox/radio and other type


I’m trying to present an alert (inline) with 2 inputs : checkbox and date.

  • when the checkbox is the first input, I have two checkbox on screen, the second has no label, and my input date is not presented
  • when the date is the first input, on screen I have it correctly, but my checkbox has no label !

here is my code

                header="Changement de date de péremption"
                message="Saisir la péremption du lot"
                        name: "PasDePeremption",
                        type: "checkbox",
                        label: "Pas de péremption",
                        checked: zoneChangeQt?.LOT_DatePeremption == "",
                        name: "datePeremption",
                        type: "text",
                        value: datePeremptionLot,
                    { text: "Annuler", role: "cancel" },
                    { text: "Changer", role: "ok" },

Does anyone else has this issue ? I try to replace checkbox with radio, and date with text, still same issue.

Best regards