V6 ion-datetime - how to customize?

I want to further customize ion-datetime to meet the needs of my client for a simple year-picker:

    <ion-datetime mode="md" value="1991" presentation="year" size="cover"></ion-datetime>

Couldn’t find a hint in documentation, but managed so far to adapt background and color with css variables.
Still need to adapt at least font-size, line-height, also maybe padding and border.
Not able to find any more css variables to do this. Also the relevant shadow-dom elements are not available as parts.

Any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:


We have encountered this need as well… due to the lack of shadow parts, it is nearly impossible to customize the look-and-feel of the new control.

Ionic Engineers, please help us.

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Check the solution -

Hey folks, sorry for the delay here. I’d open a feature request issue on github for this. This way we have a proper github issue for tracking.

Did you get any update on this - I too am trying to style the buttons in the ion-datetime compnent.

Sorry LGAM, no update on this at the moment.