V5 native plugins with Ionic 3?

We’re still on Ionic 3 - we were planning on upgrading in a few months, in our next release. We’re using the Google Maps plugin, and for that to work on Android, we need to upgrade @ionic-native/google-maps to version 5.x. I tried making this upgrade, but I ended up in versioning hell, so I have some questions I was hoping someone would know the answers to:

  1. Do all @ionic-native plugins need to be on the same version?
  2. Will @ionic-native v5 plugins work with Ionic 3?
  3. Is there some easy way to figure out which versions of the various components I need?
  1. Same major version, yes.
  2. I believe so.
  3. If by “components” you mean “@ionic-native” plugins, they just all have to share a major version with one another and with @ionic-native/core.

Thanks for your response!

Your answers matched my understanding, but I was having a problem with getting the network plugin working on version 5, and the solution seemed to be to downgrade (just?) that to 4:

I guess I’ll try getting v 5.x of the network plugin working again against Ionic 3. Do you happen to know if that should work?

Hmm. The Ionic Framework v4 alpha/beta lasted 9 months, in retrospect. That’s much longer than I remember. If the comments in the 5.0 beta22 entry in the ionic-native changelog are accurate, then it may be a bleaker outlook than I thought. Even though there are framework v3 releases newer than that, the last Y release (in terms of X.Y.Z) only promises Angular 5.x compatibility, while ionic-native v5 is looking for at least Angular 7. You may be caught between a rock and a hard place here.