V4 combine sidemenu and tabs

Can someone please tell me how I can build an app with sidemenu and tabs in Ionic 4. Tried to merge the 2 starters but it doesn’t work. I must be missing something.

Have you find a way how to do this? I am having same problem. Merging sidemenu and tabs is a nightmare to me.

There have been some updates to the ion-tabs, make sure you are on 4.0.0-beta.15 or higher

If you have already generated a tabs app using the latest framework, try making your app.component.html look similar to this:

    <ion-menu #appMenu side="start">
        <!--  MENU CONENT HERE  -->
    <ion-router-outlet main></ion-router-outlet>

then add an ion-button wrapped in <ion-menu-toggle></ion-menu-toggle> to the navigation somewhere to add toggle control
And that should be the basic setup

I was able to do this using this tutorial:

Youtube starting to become a reliable source for content regarding Ionic 4, there are more helpful videos out there so I recommend having a look :wink:

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How to implement side menu and tabs in root module (app component)?

Hi, I managed to merge the two skeleton apps (tabs + sidemenu) successfully. The result is mainly based on the tabs app, but adds the sidemenu parts afterwards. The README at the top of the project talks about how I did it. I have been using both together for a while and have recently updated a skeleton app that does both sidemenu + tab and has full control, i.e.