[v1.0.0-beta.11] Collection Repeat doesn't work with Directives

@mhartington, what now u have done with it? any changes for fixing it?

$scope.watch is unfriendly for me and making a lags on scroll.

We have not gotten to the issue yet. There are many other issues that are taking priority. Pull-requests are always welcomed though.

Any update on this? I’m re-factoring the code in my current project and ran into this issue :frowning:


I don’t know if the problem is solved or not, but i could fix it with ng-if on the current item. So the directive is intancied only when data are good with the collection-repeat

<ion-item collection-repeat="request in requests">
          <request ng-if="request" request="request"/>

Give me feedback.


This is not working, that duplicates entries and hide others …

I didn’t found other solution than duplicate code