Using the camera with Ionic native (IOS) - Image not showing

Hi there.

I’ve trying to figure out why the base64 image is not showing up after a picture has been taken (In IOS).

I followed this tutorial (btw is great)

But when I take a picture it just returns a small empty square (Where the picture should be shown)

I been testing this with ionic view, not sure if that is the problem. Haven’t got to try it with xcode. But shouldn’t this code from the tutorial work with ionic view?

Any ideas?

Best regards :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue. I’ve been searching high and low for a solution.

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Its an ionic view specific issue

First place to start searching is the ionic view issues list :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.

For some reason when I followed this code it worked:

I’ll still look at what you shared.

A link has been broken, you can find related topics here: