Using SCSS for my own components

Ok, this could look as a very simple question, for the people who know the answer :slight_smile:

Let say my component name is ‘note’ so the sccs is
note {

I want the buttons to be styled specially for this component so I add this into the note code
note {

button {
	display: inline-block!important;


I added !important because if this style in out of the note code, it is required to overwrite the css priorities .
So, question, how I explain that this is the style I want for my buttons in the note.html file (if there is a question, it is because just like that it is not working so guess there is a css special spell that I didn’t know and didn’t found to be said) ?

Thanks in advance as I am feeling that this is the dumbest question in this forum, sorry about that.

Indeed, it was dumb : I didn’t use the name of the component as the selector, so the solution was either, change the selector for ‘note’ or apply the selector name to the scss element in place of ‘note’.