Using overflow-scroll="true" and infinite scroll with android html 5 video


So I am having an issue where videos will not play on android using the html video tag. I have read dozens of forum posts and this is the only solution I have found for the video. This is the only solution that I have found that works now that works and is great but! since I do that I cannot use infinite scroll and overflow-scroll=“true” at the same time All of the video content / comments are loaded through infinite scroll. Is there anyway anyone knows how to load html 5 videos on android AND have infinite scroll work correctly?

If I keep overflow-scroll=“true” the video plays fine but I cannot scroll through comments, if I remove it the comments work fine but I cannot view video. There has to be a solution, I have tried using 2 ion-content containers, with no luck. I tried wrapping the video in a div with overflow-scroll=“true”, I have tried wrapping the video and comments in a regular scroll. From what I can tell the overflow-scroll=“true” absolutely has to be checked for the video to work. Is it possible that either have 2 ion-contents at the same time, and or have one or more divs ignore that parameter? Thanks for any info!!


Have you tried adding data-tap-disabled to the video elements? This will disable our scroll on the elements with the attribute.