Using ng-class on ion-nav-view?

Hey there,

Anybody know if it’s possible to set a class on ion-nav-view? I mean the one in index.html. So the parent ion-nav-view element, not the child ion-view element that gets loaded when you switch to a view.

That way you could set a background-image on ion-nav-view, (first set the background of .view and .pane to transparent) and simulate a parallax effect by shifting the background image to the left and right, depending on the view you’re in.

It is possible by useing normal class attribute.


ng-class do not work :-(. I also have the same issue/quetion and messing around trying that.

There is also a sepatate post for background images: Background-image

I could fix my issue by adding ng-class to my ion-side-menus tag!
:slight_smile: but i guess it’s not the best way…