Using Ionic Pro with Angular1 project

I followed the Ionic Pro docs to setup Ionic Pro in my Angular1 project (old Ionic v1 project). The docs make reference to a Pro global object (e.g. Pro.init()). But I don’t have a Pro global object. Scanning the window object, I can see there is an @ionic/pro object, which contains a Pro child that looks like what I’m needing. But I can’t understand what I’m doing wrong in my setup that’s causing this configuration not to work.

I don’t think Ionic Pro support v1 apps. I would double check the docs to make sure.

I sorted it out. It definitely works with v1 (it has a v1 section in the docs). The problem was that the version I had installed was x.x.17 but the docs required x.x.19 to work.

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