Using Ionic for an Android TV app

Hello, I try to build an app for Android TV but I face different issues.

I want to play a video (from a link, not from local storage) but it doesn’t work.
I tried different way:

<ion-button href="">Open Video</ion-button>

with this I get the error “You don’t have an app that can do that”

<video width="320" height="240" controls>
        <source src="" type="video/mp4">

and here, it works on the virtual machine but on the tv, I only get a empty square.

but both way works on a smartphone.

Other issue, I also can’t open a link (https://…). I also get the error “You don’t have an app that can do that”

You try to play a video inside your TV’s browser? Provide more information about which TV and browser you use.
As far as I know, TV browsers does not have flash player, that’s why videos in browsers can’t be played. There is no solution for this. But check your TV and browser.

I need to play a video from an URL. I don’t mind if it plays in a browser or with something else. The question is more: how to play a video with ionic/vue on Android TV ?

I tried with the last google tv chromecast

You can’t just play a video in the browser on your TV using the <video> tag. First you need to install some video player on your TV, for example VLC for Android TV. Then I recommend using GitHub - jepiqueau/capacitor-video-player: Capacitor Video Player Plugin

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Thanks! I expected that Android TV can play natively any videos…

But now I face another problem: I’d like to add in my app a link to an app to the playstore (to VLC for example to tell my customers to install it to use my app).
I tried these 2 codes but it doesn’t work :

<ion-button href="market://launch?id=xxx"> Playstore </ion-button>
<ion-button href=""> Playstore 2 </ion-button>

I guess it’s because there is no browser on the tv but then how to generate a link to the playstore when there is no browser ?