Using ion-nav within a modal

Hi all,

I’ve created a modal that I can access from multiple pages within my app in order to provide page specific help text to the user. This works quite well :slight_smile:

I would now like to add a menu list to this modal, and when an item in this list is clicked, a new “page” is transitioned to, entirely within the modal.

Reading the docs it seems ion-nav fits the bill … “This fits use cases where you could have a modal, which needs its own sub-navigation, without making it tied to the apps URL”.

Have not been able to find a really good example of this use case … closest I could find is this.

Now I’ve added to my modal template, and followed the 2nd answer and managed to get somewhere, but not at all what I was expecting. The component I’d like to set for setRoot should be another page (not an individual component).

The issue is when activating the modal, it appears that whatever component is used in setRoot takes over/replaces the whole modal template output … not what I was expecting. Was expecting the main modal info and then whatever I have in the page template ie a list of links.

Has anyone used or come across a good example/tutorial for using ion-nav?

Thanks :slight_smile: