Using ion-nav-bar as a subheader

Hello everybody,
I’m using a navbar as a subheader beacause I want a fixed header with a banner with the logo of the app (client wants it like this…)
The problem I have is that the view-title of the ion view is not showing correctly, it’s not well positioned if the navbar is a subheader. You can see it if your screen is wide enought, but if you put alignt-title=“center” or “left” it’s not positioned when it is suposed to be.

If someone can help me, i would appreciate!

Thanks in advance!

You could put your header that you want the logo on outside of the nav-view so it is always on-top. Below is an example from using the ‘sidemenu’ starter. I simple add the ion-header above the ion-nav-view and my header is always visible. Don’t forget the ‘has-header’ on your ion-nav-view. The navbar is updated like it normally would be.

      <body ng-app="starter">
          <ion-header class="bar bar-stable">
              <img src="img/ionic.png" />
          <ion-nav-view class="has-header"></ion-nav-view>
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Thanks, it works perfectly!