Using image picker


One question I have about the image picker on ionic 2 ( do I need to install both plugins (ionic plugin add and ( or do I just need the Telerik plugin?



Use this plugin

ionic plugin add


I have that, but when I try to access the image I get the following error.

2017-01-25 19:57:22.892321 V2 Test[23623:5216383] CDVPlugin class SOSPicker (pluginName: ImagePicker) does not exist.
2017-01-25 19:57:22.892454 V2 Test[23623:5216383] ERROR: Plugin ‘ImagePicker’ not found, or is not a CDVPlugin. Check your plugin mapping in config.xml.
2017-01-25 19:57:22.892728 V2 Test[23623:5216383] -[CDVCommandQueue executePending] [Line 142] FAILED pluginJSON = [“ImagePicker1818942425”,“ImagePicker”,“getPictures”,[{“height”:0,“outputType”:0,“disable_popover”:false,“maximumImagesCount”:15,“width”:0,“title”:“Select an Album”,“message”:null,“allow_video”:false,“quality”:100}]]

On my config.xml I do have the library

<plugin name="com.synconset.imagepicker" spec="">
        <variable name="PHOTO_LIBRARY_USAGE_DESCRIPTION" value="Allow access to photo?" />


I figure out the issue, some of my npm modules dependencies got updated and that broke. So I had to remove all the modules and install the correct version.All good now :slight_smile: