Using FastClick.js to remove 300ms delay

Ionic v1 has a built-in library that removes the 300ms delay in IOS, and it is not recommended to include FastClick.

Does Ionic v2 have the same capabilities? If not, am I able to circumevent the 300ms delay issue by introducing a third-party library like FastClick?

How do I troubleshoot click delays in Ionic v2?

Use buttons, you can put clicks events in any html element but the ion-button component removes that delay, it is made to be clicked.

You can use <a> tags as well to remove the delay

I’ve always assumed that the 300ms delay was removed across the board for ionic v1. Was I wrong?

Do divs with ng-clicks have a 300ms delay?

Not sure, there was a previous post where @brandyshea ionic staff member suggested replacing ion-items for button elements with ion-item attribute attached but that’s a rather old post, maybe it has actually be removed, still better to ask a staff member.

There is no ion-button component but we do remove the delay on button and a elements. For accessibility reasons we recommend always using these for (click) events. If you place a click event on a div it will still get the delay. Last time we spoke to Angular about it we were told it was not possible to grab the click event on a div and therefore the delay stays.

Some info on items:

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Ooops, fixed the previous post.

Thanks. What about v1?

Now that v2 is officially out, has any of this changed? You mentioned that the delay has been removed for button and a elements only. Is it the button element has the delay removed, or any element with the ion-button directive?