Using Custom URL Schemes In Your Ionic Framework App

Thanks to @nraboy for the guest post. :smile:

“Mobile applications made with Ionic Framework can leverage custom URL schemes without issue thanks to a great Apache Cordova plugin called LaunchMyApp by Eddy Verbruggen.”


Just a quick note, that the alert won’t work on IOS, might want to edit that out, wrap in a setTimeout, or switch it to a console.log.

Don’t do:

 var handleOpenURL = function(url) {
    alert("RECEIVED URL: " + url);

Do Do: (tee heee hee)

 var handleOpenURL = function(url) {
    console.log("RECEIVED URL: " + url);

(i could be wrong here, I remember coming across this a while back. It has to do with timing of events on iOS)

It is very good plugin, but my question is .

as logo when the user is on google and enter the site detects that this application entering a own site and this is successfully instead of showing the page