Using $cordovaMedia to play local mp3 in android

Hello, I have the following code to play a local mp3 file in iOS and Android.
This works fine in iOS but not in android. What am I missing?

var mediasrc = $'ios') ? "sounds/blop.mp3":"/android_asset/www/sounds/blop.mp3";
 media = $cordovaMedia.newMedia(mediasrc);

 // and then much later, when I receive a push notification
 // I do a if mode is foreground

Here are my locations for blop.mp3 after ionic build android and ionic build iOS

$ find . -name blop.mp3

Okay, I fixed it - also, I forked a version that disables all the crazy android permissions the default version needs just to play a media file - no additional permissions are needed if all you want to do is play a small media file while in foreground, which was my need

How did you resolve this bug? I am struggling with the same issue.

I don’t remember what I did differently, but my code is open:

How I defined the media path:

How I play local media:

Copying media to the right place before build:

yeah I cant get it to work on ios at all. Does yours work on IOS?

yup. I thought you said you had the same problem I had (which was works on iOS not android)
The code I pointed you to also has blocks for ios.