Using Chancejs in Ionic 2

I’m trying to use Chance random item generator to generate some test database for an Ionic 2 application. I use the npm install and chance.js appears in the node-modules directory. I include chance in the app.modules.ts file as “import { Chance } from ‘chance’;” Do I need to include it as a provider?

I’m getting compiling error: Can’t resolve all parameters for Chance: (?).

Do I need to include the chance.ts file?

I think Chance.js was written and last updated about 2014. When I try and reference it in a Constructor as something like “public serviceChance: Chance” I get an notice that the system cannot find “Chance”. Looking at the code, I do not see a formal export Class Chance anywhere. Note, I an still learning Javascript and Typescript an what may be obvious to a Computer Engineer or Computer Scientist is not obvious to someone who is learning as they go and reading as much as I can.