Using Build Env Secrets at Run Time

I’m trying to understand how to manage my app’s secret data within AppFlow. I understand I can create a Build Environment which allows creating ENV keys available during build time.

My question is, if I reference process.env.MY_VAR within my code, will these ENV variables be available to the app at run time?

Thanks for any help and clairification

Thanks for the help. About what was expected from a dying community. I’m switching to React. Done with Ionic.

Apologies for the delay! The Ionic team has a lot of public channels to watch for questions, so sometimes it takes us time to respond.

For your question, those types of ENV variables aren’t available to runtime in the app. Those are Node variables (process.env) and Ionic apps don’t run in a Node process. Check out the framework-specific guides for environments, such as Angular’s here.