Using api rest with angular

Hello, i’m in angular 17, i would like to use the data of this api of wordpress of a plugin of event calendar. here is the url:
the problem is that i can’t iterate over it since it is an objet and if i use keyvalue pipe i will only get key = events and value = the full object associed to events (who return an {object, object} model too…
i’m pretty newbie at coding, i tried every thing to iterate over it, but i don’t find a solution. thank you very much for your help and time.

Over what exactly do you want to iterate? The events is an array, right?

thank you for your answer, please take a look at this url:
on this one i can access to every endpoint and, the whole api is an array,
there is the ‘events’: argument at the beginnig that make the api completly different to use with angular, do you have an idea on how get it similar to first url? is considered as an object for angular, but it’s ok for you see the little difference between both? thank you very much

I’m unsure if i understand your question correctly, but for the url with the events property, you can access it via this property.

This means when your response object is called for example response, you can access the events via

this.http.get('your-url').then(response => {
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sorry, i’m such a newbie, but where do i implement the code? thank you