Using angular with ionic

I would like to use angular with ionic 3.
Wich files where to import modules .ts or .js?
How to implement angular in ionic views .html ?

Ionic 3 already uses Angular.

Or do you mean you want to use AngularJS/Angular 1?

You can preview several ionic apps that use Angular with:

npm install -g ionic

1ionic start my-app

Using ionic help start will show all options associated with the start command. Full documentation available at:

I guess @luden mean Angular JDK, and by all means it’s useless because it’s integrated in Ionic 2/3 from scratch. That being said, your app must use at least Ionic 2.1/2 to be able to fully code in TypeScript and Angular, capabilities depends a bit according to Ionic Version (from Ionic 2 it uses fully Angular kind of code, but not in the same power and options - now Ionic 3 use the latest Angular tested with Ionic ).

Hope it helps,