Using a custom PNG icon in Ion-refresher

Hi all!

Is it possible to change the default icon of the ion-refresher directive with a custom PNG icon ? I’ve looked at this thread based on which I created a custom directive, but I can’t integrate a PNG icon into it.

Any help ?

As the ion-refresher now uses SVG animations ( see ) , i’m not sure the icon can be changed, looking at the docs it mentions the icon replacement is deprecated

So if you want to use a different icon for ion-refresher, you can just pass ion-refresher refreshing-icon=""

Well, in the codepen snippet, it was an Ionicon (ion-home) which is not a PNG file. I need to integrate a custom icon, a PNG file in my case, I can’t make it work. As @appdeveloper said, it seems that this option is deprecated. Correct me if I’m wrong :smile:

So it took a bit more css than I originally thought, but it is possible.

And yes, it is deprecated, but still useable.

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@mhartington Thanks, problem solved.