USER ENDPOINTS API - deleting a user

Hi, as part of my app when users sign up they are added to ionic using Ionic.Auth.signup(). I’ve got the sign up and login stuff to work. when users reset the password - I have my own system set up for that so I wouldn’t need to use{uuid}/password-reset, I want to be able to use{uuid} to delete the user like it says in Ionic API Docs. but i’m not sure how to perform the delete request because it says it doesn’t return a response.
Right now I have the following code :

$http.get(''+ user._id, { headers: { "Authorization": 'Bearer [TOKEN]' } }).success(function(respnose){ console.log(response); });

[TOKEN] is replaces with my API token. im not sure how to right it so that it doesn’t return a response and so it actually deletes the user, Any help would be great :slight_smile:

to make the request work i used
$http.delete('' + user._id, { headers: { "Authorization": 'Bearer [TOKEN]' } })
i has to use $http.delete() and it worked