Use variable in multiple classes

Good Morning
I have a variable (data.response) in my code that stores the return of a query in the database.
Now I want to use this variable in other classes to do other database queries from that class.
Can someone help me?

submit() {
let toast = this.toastCtrl.create({ duration: 3000, position: ‘bottom’ });
var link = ‘my_link_api’;
var data = JSON.stringify({username: this.username,
senha: this.senha});, data)
    .subscribe(data => { = data._body;
        if( === 'Você não tem login')
          toast.setMessage('O e-mail ou a senha digitada não é valido.');
    }, error => {



You can store the variable in the local storage

Or create a provider.

His tip was extremely helpful.
Thank you very much

Nice, good to hear :slight_smile:

If I may…

Does your variable have to exist every time the user stop/start your application? If so, yes it’s the right way to save it in a storage

Is your variable “only” a “session” variable (should only exists when your app run), then you should just save it in a provider