Use slider methods in Ionic 2

In Ionic 2 we can use the slider component () which is a “wrapper” to this Slider component, according to the docs:

Is it possible to access the slider methods within Ionic?
Example: how do I trigger mySwiper.slideNext() within my app? According to the Ionic API, itś not possible (or not documented):

Answring my own question: it’s possible to set callbacks to the events within the config options.


this.options = {
   onTransitionEnd: (swiper, event) => {
      //do something
<ion-slides [options]="options"></on-slides>

You are amazing !!! That helped a lot.
If you want to change something every time you swipe forward which function do you have to use?

In the onTransitionEnd use the activeIndex and previousIndex values from the swiper object to compare them (check if active is greater then previous) and do what you need.