Use Script to connect with web api after build

Hi, I made an application with ionic3 for browser that uses web api, the problem is that every client will have the web api on their own server (which means different URL for each web api) I’m wondering if there is any method or script to give the client access to change the URL on the ionic part after building the application.

It can be stored on device using Ionic Storage and retrieved at every app startup time. I would consider this just a special case of the general question “how do I persist user preferences?”.

thank you for the answer, but it’s not what I’m looking for, i want that the application be configurable when the client put it on his server (iis), so he can change the URL whenever he wants from a config file.

How about using Angular’s environment variables?

environement is for multiple URL that are alredy fixed in code, but i want that my clients can change URL after “ionic cordova build browser”