Use Routes to navigate by url

I have upgraded Ionic to beta7 and in the CHANGELOG is said that “The Angular router is currently under heavy development and refactoring. As a result of this, Angular’s router is currently disabled within Ionic”.

I was using Routes from Angular2 to navigate with urls, something like:


{ path: ‘/checkaccess’, component: CheckAccess, name: ‘Acesso’ },
{ path: ‘/content’, component: POContent, name: ‘Content’ },

and with that I could use in the browser the url /#/content and the Content component was loaded, checking the _lastUrl from the router. And with this, the livereload kept the current component loaded (I didn’t have to navigate again through all the stack).

The problem is that the livereload don’t keep the user in the latest page/component. Is there any workaround or should we wait 'til a new version?

There currently is no work around for this. Best thing you can do ATM (sadly) is wait for the newer router to be ready.

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