Use Ionic Portal inside Ionic Framework React Native Apps? (Webview inside Ionic App without covering up IonTabBar)

Is it possible to embed an Ionic Portal inside of an Ionic Framework 6 React App?

I would like to embed a few pages from a Shopify Store inside my Ionic Framework iOS and Android apps (on web we will just redirect you to a subdomain). We want the app experience to feel cohesive and not kick you out to the system default web browser.

Unfortunately, Shopify has their x-frame-options set to Deny and I am unable to change this, so an iframe isn’t an option.

I’ve looked at the various flavors of inAppBrowser, but it doesn’t look like there is any way to limit the size to a certain viewport in the Ionic App or overlay Ionic React components over the top of the browser? It always takes over the whole screen which breaks the seamless “in-app” experience that I am aiming for.

Ionic Portals has some images that suggest it can do EXACTLY what I want, unfortunately, it is aimed at native developers (which we don’t have a ton of experience on our team) and doesn’t include any instructions if you want to embed the portal via the JavaScript side of the app.

is there another plugin / npm module that I can look at to get this capability? Or are there some docs I’ve missed for Portals?

Any help, code examples, or suggestions greatly appreciated!