Use angular 2 module in ionic 2 => Error: Cannot find module


i’ am trying to use an angular 2 module in my ionic 2 app:

I followed the given instructions.
npm install ng2-kw-gauge -S

In the page.ts i added:
import { GaugeModule } from ‘ng2-kw-gauge’;
@NgModule({ imports: [ GaugeModule ],

The template.html looks like:

But i get a browser javascript error:
Error: Cannot find module “ng2-kw-gauge”

This is located in the compiled main.js:
throw new Error(“Cannot find module “ng2-kw-gauge””);

What do i miss, do make this work?
Is there somekind of mapping to do in order to get the module typescript get included in the main.js?


This might help you.
I had to create a declarations.d.ts file so that Typescript would not give me errors.