Use a custom cordova plugin


I want to use this cordova plugin :
But I always have the same error : Error TS2304: Cannot find name ‘serial’.

I have added the plugin with : cordova plugin add cordovarduino

Do you have any ideas about this issue ?

I don’t from where I have to import serial ?

Thank you !


Add this line to your ts file declare var serial; :

import {Component} from '@angular/core';

declare var serial;

  templateUrl: './build/your-template.html'
export class yourPage { }


And with that, can I use all the functions which are in the plugin ?
Thank you.


Yes you can do it :wink:


Amazing !!! Thank you very much !! Could you explain how it works ? How can I use all the function inside the plugin, just in declare a variable ?



does this work only in Components or in “service” classes too? I try to use cordova-plugin-zeep. I tried to declare $cordovaZeep. But it is always undefinied.

Thank you