URL of the Privacy Policy facebook

for the connection of my app I followed this tutorial but my problem is that facebook asks me url privacy policy, my app will only be on mobile so how do I get this URL?

Thanks in advance Ludo

You will have the same criteria to fulfill when you will submit your app to Apple or Google Play

I would suggest to create a dummy even blank landing page and put on the side your privacy, terms and conditions and provide that url

There are probably better solution but that would be my quick and dirty one :wink:

Hello @reedrichards
I think I will put my conditions on my google account more and suddenly I could use the link on this page

yep that’s a good idea

I had to put on google drive because google + is stopped in April.
now it works my FB app is enabled :slightly_smiling_face:

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yeah well done cool :+1:

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