URL doesnot change when navigated from Tab component

i have a component which consists of tabs in it.When I navigate to tabs component the url is changing perfectly.But if I navigate to some other page from tabs component the component is loading correctly but the url is not changing.I have a demo app here demonstrating the issue https://stackblitz.com/edit/ionic-pjduoo?file=pages%2Fabout%2Fabout.html

    Steps to reproduce the issue.
      1.Click on Go To Tabs button on the home page.URL Changed when the tabs page is loaded.
      2.Click on Go To Dummy Page button.U can see the Dummy Page is loaded but the url is not changing.

Is there something I am doing wrong.Because if i call this.nav.push('somepage'); then url gets changed.But if I call the same in tabs url is not changing.Can somebody please tell me how can I solve this issue?

I know its a long time since you posted this but I have similar problem - did you find a solution?