[Urgent] tab menu and side menu together in ionic


I’m newbie to ionic and angular and building mobile apps with tab menu and side menu together.

My Scenario,

My apps design based on side menu previously and using state.go to change each UI page, and structure changed suddenly to combine tab menu and side menu together. So for quickly changed, i had implement tab menu and using ng-include src to include those html into tab menu, it will trigger each UI based on those click on tabs. It able to change UI so far but when clicked those button inside those html, it will change whole UI screen without tab menu.

So, my question is how do i able to maintain those tab menu even i clicked those button inside my html with ng-include.

Please help, urgent.


hi jeffreytck,
What actually need?
Any Screen example there?

So far I understand you can see:


Hi motiurion,

My application is navigation via $state.go(’) method to change screen, but going add some tab after login my application only appear. As you can see there is tab menu on my screen, i’m using ng-include to fetch other html inject to my tab content, but there is listing to go next page, however able to navigation to next page but those tab menu was gone. How to solve this problem? I’m didnt using abstract method for tab controller. As you can saw it from my code as below.


you can use by:

 <ion-tabs class="tabs-possitive tabs-icon-top">
        <ion-tab title="Tab 1">
                <div ng-include src="'templateUrl'"></div>
        <ion-tab title="Tab 2" >
                <div ng-include src="'templateUrl'"></div>


Hi motiurion,

Are you means your code implement then able to navigation to my last picture with tab menu?

Now, my first screen as you saw is

and there is a list inside this html from first screen and i able to select any 1 from my list to navigate to next screen which is my last screen with