Urgent: Backend for Ionic App

I need to change the Back-end for my application (currently using WordPress API).

I need you to:

  • Suggest Backend Strategy
  • Develop the API to function as desired (I will provide a sample app just like mine)

Send me an email to receive the brief and the name of the sample app, then you send me a

  • Suggested API strategy
  • Cost for the API

My Email: oluwasegunoderinde@yahoo.com (Start Email Subject with ‘IONJOB’)


Hi Victor/Oluwasegun,

I have sent you an Email. Please check

I can assist you with the same.

Warm Regards,
Norman F.


I am a experienced developer and would be interested…
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com

Best Wishes,

I have sent the email and waiting for your reply.



I am Full stack web developer. I can work on frontend + backend.

Please contact me on Skype: kathrecha.krushn

You can check my portfolio here

Thank you