Uploading Media Files via <input type="file" > Android


Hi everyone,
in my recent project have to upload some mediafile to a server.
mostly photos and videos. But the user should be able to choose to open the camera instead an take an new picture, to upload those,

so when i use an
<input type="file">
in chrome it will open an dialog asking me if i want to open the camera/soundrecorder or an filepicker,

when ich use the same element in my ionic2 app it will only open the native “recent files”-dialog.

why is there an difference between chrome an the webview?

<input type="file" accept="images/*">
has no influence

I’m aware that there is a cordova plugin for taking pictures an uploading them. an additional challenge is that the uplaod buttons itself is not part of my app: it is loaded via an iframe from an webapp (my colleague is in charge here…)

thanks in advance.


That should be <input type="file" accept="image/*">, not images/*