Uploading image from ionic to my web site with restful api

hi to all master.
I want to upload images from my ionic app that I created connected to my website via RESTFUL API.
Please guide me.
I have no better idea how to start
Thank you in advance guys

You can create a REST API from server side to upload to your server and vice versa, use FileTransfer to upload from ionic to your server side… You can search in the internet how to create rest and use FileTransfer in ionic v1.

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hi i already finish creating restful api from my website and my mobile app in ionic thanks. for the tips I will try to used filetransfer in ionic.then what will be the data type for my web? is it blob or just a varchar?

i am not sure but it should be a blob… just like how you upload files/images to the database using php…

If you’re talking images, just convert them to a base64 string and POST that to an end point.

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Another option that is going to be more bandwidth efficient than base64 is UBJSON.

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